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How It Works

Walk Ins Welcome in Our Storefront for Carryout Items! Our storefront is open Monday through Friday 10am to 6pm & Saturday 10:30am to 4pm. 

Available in our storefront are Single Serving & Double Serving Casseroles (Fresh or Frozen), Pints & Quart of Soup (Fresh or Frozen), 2 Person Salads, Sandwiches, Wraps, Desserts, Appetizers, and Much More! All items listed on our website are fresh, but any of our fresh casseroles & soups can be frozen when you take it home! We update our Casserole/Soup List weekly check below under the Monday Family Dinner & What's Cooking For the Week headline to see what's cooking this week *updates on the website on Fridays*! All items intended on being served hot will come refrigerated with heating instructions on how to heat it in your microwave (some select items may be for the oven, but the majority are for the microwave).

On Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, we have Gourmet, Lighter Side, and Low Sodium individual dinner specials! These dinners are available after 2pm on the day that they are listed on the calendar! The Lighter Side & Low Sodium Dinners stay the same throughout the week listed while the Gourmet is different each night. Check out the calendar below! 

See below to check out all of our amazing carryout specials! 

Call to order (314-963-9899), Order Online, Doordash it, or Walk on in! 

December 2023

Monthly Dinner Special Calendar

Grab and Go Menu

Monday Family Night

What's cooking for the week?

Need dinner for the rest of the week too?!

Check out our single-serving dinner specials available for pick up Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays – listed below the Monday special!

All casseroles & soups listed under Monday Family Dinner are available ALA cart Monday through Friday. Carryout casseroles are available in single serving and double serving sizes. If you need a larger size pan, check out our catering menu under casseroles (please note: large pans need to be ordered in advance). Soups are available in quart and pint sizes. Our selection of carryout casseroles & soups rotates weekly & is updated below on Fridays

$45 Care Package

Choose any 5 single serving casseroles & 2 pints of soup from the list below. All for $45. Available Everyday! Check out your FRESH options for this week!

Fresh Casseroles

Pasta Con Broccoli (V) ~ Chicken Pasta Con Broccoli ~ Pasta w/ Meat Balls ~ Chicken Sundried Tomato Pasta ~ Sundried Tomato Pasta (V) ~ Cheeseburger Mac ~ Shrimp Fettuccini Alfredo  ~ Chicken Parmesan ~ Chicken Tetrazzini ~ Three Cheese and Meat Lasagna ~ Chicken Lemon Artichoke w/ Rice ~ Beef Tips Madeira ~ Beef Stroganoff ~ Cannelloni ~ Chicken Diane ~ Light Southwest Chicken ~ Gluten Free BBQ Beef w/ 3 Cheese Potatoes ~ Low Sodium Chicken & Veggies 

Fresh Soups

Artichoke Bisque (V) ~ Broccoli Cheese (V) ~ Clam Chowder ~ Cream of Asparagus (V) ~ Tomato Basil (V) ~ Loaded Potato ~ Vegetable (Vegan) ~ Cream of Spinach (V) ~ Chicken Noodle ~ White Bean Chicken Chili (G. Free)

Tuesday BOGO 50% OFF Lunch Specials- Not Available in December

Every Tuesday, Lunch Specials are Buy One Get One 50% Off! Buy One Get One-Half Off is only on Tuesdays. But Lunch Specials are available every day in-store for $7.95!


ONEderful Wednesday Special

Not Available in December

Choose any 2 of our single serving casseroles listed below. Comes with a side salad and a cookie! All for $16.95.

Order online, call to order, or walk on in! Available every Wednesday from 10am-6pm.

Want to upgrade?! Add a second salad and second cookie – just ask! – $19.95

Get half off any pint of soup listed below with the special!

No Wonderful Wednesday for Month of December 

Soup and Salad Friday

Not Available in December

Choose any Salad and Quart of Soup from the list below! Comes with 2 cookies! All for $16.95. Available on Fridays!

No Soup & Salad Special for Month of December